...beautiful & unique pieces to accent your stock tie or hunt shirt, your necktie, or lapel. Each "ORNAMENTS" piece of jewelry comes in a small black and white box with a white ribbon magnetic closure to store and protect your piece. All prices include shipping!
SHIELD "Ornaments" Stock Pin: touches of bronze & silver with accents of clear crystals $38

CROWN: "Ornaments" silver stock pin with clear crystals $23
OVAL RHINESTONE: "Ornaments" beautiful silver stock pin with clear crystals $18

GOLD BRANCH with PEARLS: "Ornaments" stunning pearls on goldtone make this a distinctive stock pin $23

FOX HEAD: "Ornaments" clear crystals adorn gold fox head Lapel Pin or Tie Tack $15

HORSE HEAD: "Ornaments"silver Tie Tack or Lapel Pin is simple in its elegance $15

GOLD, PEARLS & BLING Stock Pin: "Ornaments" pin, unusual in design, eye-catching $28
ROUND RHINESTONE: "Ornaments" Stock Pin, silver with clear crystals $18
SILVER BRANCH with PEARLS: "Ornaments" Stock Pin stunning pearls on silvertone make this a distinctive stock pin $23
GOLD SNAFFLE BIT / large: "Ornaments" Stock Pin in goldtone with clear crystals. $23

"VINTAGE CRYSTAL" clear crystals set in ART DECO style silvertone pin. measures approx. 2 1/2" in width   $33
"EMERALD CUT Vintage" Clear rectangular crystal set in antiqued goldtone with seed pearls and smaller crystal surround. Measures approx 1 3/4" square $33

"GOLD CROWN" clear crystals set in goldtone metal. Wear as stock pin or lapel pin. 
Measures about 1" square. $15
"SILVER CROWN" clear crystals set in goldtone metal. Wear as stock pin or lapel pin. 
Measures about 1" square. $15
"ROUND RHINESTONE & PEARLS" crystals and pearls set in silvertone metal create a STUNNING Stock Pin for Dressage or Hunters!! Measures about  1 3/4" ....
This "looker" of a stock pin  features Aurora Borealis Crystals set atop a silvertone CROWN!
measures  about 1 1/2" across and  1" in height

This GOLDTONE  CROWN features stunning PEARLS on each of its FIVE POINTS. Clear rhinestones add a little bling, truly fitting for the one who reigns!

measures  about 1 1/4" across and  1 1/4" in height


Beautiful, colorful bejeweled pins add a splash of color and/or sparkle to your outfit (in AND out of the horse show ring!)


Use these "branch" shaped pins as a stock pin, lapel pin, on your carriage / driving jacket or casually.

Select from: PLEASE SPECIFY!!

clear (gold or silver tone)

light pink (silvertone)

dark pink (silvertone)

burgundy (silvertone )

blue (silvertone)

multi color (silvertone)


This  STICK PIN has a VINTAGE LOOK! Faceted ONYX cabuchon is set in an antiqued silvertone setting with a distinctive chain (could be removed if desired) attached to the protective end.

Measures about  1" across and about 3" in total length. $18

UNUSUAL "trefoil" design silvertone STOCK PIN accented with dainty seed pearls and several stunning central stones

measures about 1 3/4" across


This vintage-looking PIN has that WOW-factor! Pearls and rhinestones set in a goldtone ribbon with a dropped pearl accent will have folks asking, "Where did you find that?!!"Truly an unusual piece that'll expand your show OR Casual wardrobe! 

measures  about 1 3/4" across by 1 1/2" in height (including dropped pearl)


STOCK PIN silvertone SNAFFLE BIT with PINK rhinestones....perfect for Young Ladies to wear on their HUNT SHIRT Collars

measures about 1 3/4" long and 3/8" tall


Pink RHINESTONE Rondelles accent the Aurora Borealis- encrusted round beads in this Bandage-style STOCK PIN  measures 1 3/4" long and slightly less than 1/2" across


Choose GOLDTONE or SILVERTONE twisted wire "bandage type" STOCK PIN  

measures 2 1/2" long and 3/8" high